Claim Your Free Web3 Username

(PulseChain Mainnet Only)

Claim Your Mainnet .pls Username for Free

Emm, but why? To mitigate cybersquatting and increase wider adoption we believe, brands, crypto projects and significant figures in the crypto ecosystem should have their first pick when it comes to claiming their .pls web3 username.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Have a minimum of 5,000 followers on Twitter.
  • Or if you are a active crypto streamer on YouTube, Twitch or Rumble.
  • Or a known figure in the RH ecosystem.
  • Or be a project / product in the Web3 / Crypto space.


  1. Fill out the below form with your Twitter handle, the name you wish to claim and website URL (if applicable).
  2. Follow PulseDotDomain on Twitter and send a direct message with "Claim Submitted".
  3. Retweet our post so more people can claim their name for free.


  • Wait for PulseChain mainnet launch, once PulseChain is live, we will be asking you for your address. We strongly recommend to share a brand new wallet address with us. As part of this initiative, you will also get some PLS tokens so you can setup your .pls profile.


I don't want to dox my wallet, what can I do?

We strongly recommend to create a brand new wallet address for this purpose. As part of this initiative, we will send each qualified claimer some PLS tokens to configure their .pls profile. To learn more on how to protect your privacy, please read our guide.

How many submissions are allowed per user?

Each form submission counts for one .pls domain claim, if you qualify for more than one domain claim, please submit them all individually.

How does the verification process work?

We will be verifying all claims via Twitter DMs closer to PulseChain mainnet launch, so if you don't have 5,000 followers yet, we still recommend to submit your name claim.  

What happens if I don't meet the qualifications for the claiming process?

If you don't meet the qualifications, your name will be available on PulseChain Mainnet for the public to mint. We anticipate a spike in name claims on the day of launch, if you think your name will be claimed by someone else, we strongly recommend to follow us on Twitter, for the announcement date on when we launch.

What happens after I have submitted my name claim?

If you followed all instructions you are all set 🥳 We will start the verification process closer to PulseChain mainnet launch. Once the verification process is completed we will send out a DM asking you for your PLS address as well as provide additional information on how to preserve your privacy with Web3 domains. Please note, we will never ask you for money, donations or sacrifices.

Will my name on Testnet V2 or V3 be transferred to PulsChain mainnet?

No. Testnet is for testing only,


  • Following PulseDotDomains on Twitter and sending a direct message with "Claim Submitted" is required.
  • We will never ask you for any payment.
  • Only communicate with the official PulseDotDomains Twitter handle.
  • It is in our sole discretion to grand name claims.
  • Generic terms such as "house.pls", "food.pls", "123.pls" are excluded from the claiming process unless you own the Twitter handle with that name and qualify as described above.

Following us on Twitter + DM-ing us "Claim Submitted" is required.

Some users have closed DMs and there is no way for us to contact you to verify your name claim, unless you DM us first.

Don't skip that step.

Additional Whitelist Names & Terms

Since there is a high chance not everyone is able to claim their .pls domain name on time. We will whitelist the top 3,000 domain names to be claimed at a future date. Any names that are not claimed will be put out for auction at a later date.

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1. Follow us on Twitter @PulseDotDomains

2. DM us "Claim Submitted"

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