Decentralized naming for wallets, websites, & more.

No more copying and pasting long addresses. Use your .pls name to store your digital identity.










The Pulsechain Name Service (PNS)

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Unique Name

The globally unique .pls domain name replaces the meaningless, unreadable, and unmemorable long addresses.

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Aggregated Identity

PNS binds different addresses in a multi-chain ecosystem. It brings together fragmented identities into one.

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On-Chain Security

PNS is built on smart contracts on the Pulsechain blockchain, meaning it doesn't suffer from the insecurity of the DNS system.

Your On-Chain Identity

Every .pls domain name allows you to store as little or as much information about your online identity on the Pulsechain blockchain.

web3 username

No more sandboxed usernames. Own your username, store an avatar, social links, blockchain addresses and other profile data, all on-chain.

PNS Web3 Username

simple address

Use a human-readable and memorable name to replace your addresses. Use your .pls domain name across the Web3 ecosystem.

PNS Example

on-chain profile

Create your unique profile and display on-chain and off-chain data such as cross-chain addresses, websites, social links and to receive payments.

PNS Web3 Profile

dWeb gateway

Connect your decentralized website to your domain name, which becomes accessible across all browsers & devices.

PNS Web3 Profile


Pulse Domains, the Pulsechain Naming Service (PNS) is meant to bring adoption and utility to the Pulsechain Ecosystem. Anyone and everyone is free to interact with the protocol as they are permissionless contracts on the Pulsechain blockchain.

asked questions

Is my .pls name only for storing a Pulsechain address?
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No, you can store the addresses of over 100 blockchains, a content hash of a decentralized website, profile information such as an avatar and Twitter handle, and more.

Once I own a name, can I create my own subdomains?

Yes. You can create whatever subdomains you wish and assign ownership of them to other people if you desire. e.g. your own pulsechain.pls you can create subdomains like jack.pulsechain.pls, henry.pulsechain.pls and so forth.

Which wallets and dApps support PNS so far?

While Pulsechain is still in its early stages, we aim to integrate .pls domain names with all native and trusted Pulsechain platforms, this includes wallets, block explorers, NFT platforms, and dApps.

What does it cost to register a .pls domain?

Currently, registration costs are set at the following prices:

- 5+ character .pls names: $5 in PLS per year.
- 4 character .pls names: $169 in PLS per year.
- 3 character .pls names $555 in PLS per year.

3 and 4 character names have higher pricing to reflect the small number of these names available.

What happens if I forget to extend the registration of a name?

After your name expires, there is a 90-day grace period in which the owner can't edit the records but can still re-register the name. After the grace period, the name is released for registration by anyone with a temporary premium which decreases over a 28 days period to its default pricing (see above). The released name continues to resolve your PLS address until the new owner overwrites it.


ENS Fork
Testnet Launch

Open mint available on pulsechain testnet, no restrictions on domain names.

.pls On-Chain Profiles
.pls IPFS Support
Contract Audits
Mainnet Launch
Domain Minting Open to Public
Top Tier Domains Claiming Auction

To mitigate cybersquatting, top tier domain names will be auctioned on a native NFT marketplace.

Continues Pulsechain
Ecosystem Integrations

While Pulsechain is still in its early stages, we aim to integrate PNS functionality across all major and trustworthy Pulsechain dApps, block explorer, NFT marketplaces & native wallets.